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Health and Social Care

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Health and Social Care could be a new subject to many students. It is a broad range subject and encapsulates this through a variety of units such as effective communication, an individual’s rights and needs, cultural diversity, safeguarding adults, caring for children and young people.  This course will prepare students for further study and is an ideal foundation for students entering the modern workplace, providing them with a theoretical background, reinforced with practical skills.  This course also develops research, evaluation and problem solving skills.

Subject Details


Level 3 Cambridge Technicals in Health and Social Care


Exam board: OCR    

Type of vocational pathway: Cambridge Technicals

Three units are assessed in Year 12.

These are:

•    Unit 1 - Building positive relationships in health, social and child care. (Coursework)

•    Unit 2 - Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care. (External exam)

•    Unit 3 - Health, safety and security in health and social care. (External exam)

Additionally, there are a further three units in Year 13 that make up the Extended Certificate. 

These are:

•    Unit 24 - Public Health. (Coursework)

•    Unit 13 - Supporting people with mental health conditions. (Coursework)

•    Unit 4     - Anatomy and physiology for health and social care. (External exam)

We want students who: may want to try something new or want to develop their knowledge and understanding of health and social care in Britain today. Students who take this subject need to be highly organised, hard-working and committed to completing coursework.  It is also important that students can work independently as well as in groups.

How will students be assessed?

This is a two-year course.  Assessment will be through coursework/portfolios of work, which will be assessed by your teacher and moderated by an OCR visiting moderator and also by external examination at key points during the year.  

What other courses does it complement?

Health and Social Care compliments Applied Science, Biology and Sociology. 

Next steps - what this course can lead to

A qualification in Health and Social Care will provide relevant experiences to allow students to move to a career in Health, Social Care and Early Years but it is also a respected starting point for other careers. It will allow students to progress into further education, higher level apprenticeship or employment. Career opportunities include Childhood and Youth Studies, Nutrition and Health, all areas of Nursing, Midwifery, Counselling, Paramedic and Ambulance Roles, Social Work, Physiotherapy, Local Authority Services, Education Welfare and Complementary Therapies. 

St Benedict’s,

Sixth Form