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Students choose one of the options below for study throughout the course:                                                  

•    Art, craft and design

•    Fine art

•    Graphic communication

•    Textile design

•    Three-dimensional design

•    Photography

Subject Details

Art Showcase


Art, Craft & Design A-Level


Exam board: AQA    

We want students who: 

•    have an interest in, enthusiasm for and enjoy art, craft and design.

•    want to push their intellectual, imaginative, creative and intuitive capabilities, investigative, analytical, experimental, practical, technical and expressive skills, aesthetic understanding and critical judgement. 

•    are independent of mind in developing, refining and communicating their own ideas, their own intentions and their own personal outcomes. 

How will students be assessed?                                                                                                              

1. Personal investigation (60% of your mark)                                                            

•    The emphasis of this component will be for the students to choose an artists, issue, concept or theme supported by 2500 - 3000 words. 

•    This component is project based.                                                                                                                                 

2. Externally set assignment (40% of your mark)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

•    Following the preparatory period, students must complete 15 hours of unaided, supervised time. 

•    Three quarters of the marks for this component are completed in the preparatory period that is around 10 weeks.                                                      

What other courses does it complement?                                                                                                   

Most students who choose A Level Art, Craft and Design have chosen one of the practical subjects because they what to keep their options open, and want to be seen as creative.

Next steps - what this course can lead to.

The website gives a list of 150 art related career paths, leading to employment including; Advertising, Web Designers, Computer Games Designers, Fashion Designers, Illustrators, Architects, Teaching, Product graphic Designers, Interior designers etc.

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