As we approach the end of the first half term I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some upcoming events and some key dates for the year ahead as we jointly prepare for the GCSE and A level examinations next summer.

Firstly a reminder that Year 11 Parents’ evening takes place on Thursday, 20th October. This will take place using our online virtual parents’ evening system, for which you should already have received information. This is an important opportunity to talk to your child’s teachers about their progress and what they need to do in order to improve and gain the best results possible next summer.

Our Mock exams will take place between 9th January 2023 and 20th January 2023. These mock exams are an important step in the preparation for the final examinations that will take place next summer and will give the students and you as parents/carers the best indication yet of the grades they are likely to attain next summer. They will also help identify the subjects and areas where they need to improve. For these to give us the most accurate information it is very important that our students prepare for these as well as they can. Please support the school and your child by talking to them about their mock exams and encouraging and reminding them to revise thoroughly and take these mock exams as seriously as possible. You will be receiving a copy of the mock exam timetable shortly to assist you in planning for these important practice exams.

Because of their importance, after the exams finish, teachers will need to check and moderate the marking and scoring to ensure that they give the most accurate information that they can. To allow this to happen, while teachers may discuss exam papers and areas for improvement with students earlier, the actual mock grades will only be given out on February 10th 2023. This will allow us all to start the spring term with a clear focus in the run up to the final exams.

There are also a small number of examinations taking place in January for BTEC subjects that will count towards the final overall grade. Class teachers will inform students if this affects them and when these will take place.

To help students in year 11 study and prepare for their mock exams, and beyond, the school library is open each evening after school providing a quiet supervised space that students can use for study. Also a number of subjects offer after school revision sessions. Further details of these will be available from class teachers.

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