Sixth Form Honour Roll


The Sixth Form Honour Roll rewards programme is about acknowledging academic achievement as well as civic contributions to the wider school community.


There are three categories, academic, achievement and the civil honour roll. To be eligible for all Honour Rolls, students must have a minimum attendance of 95% in that term unless exceptional circumstances apply.


At the end of each term, the Director of Learning identifies which students qualify from the school’s data tracking system and these students are entered into a prize draw.


Academic Honour Roll:


To qualify for this, the student must have maintained an A or B average grade and an ATL of 4/5.


Achievement Honour Roll:

To qualify for this, the student may have a predicted a grade of C,D or E and are currently meeting or exceeding their target grades and have an ATL of 4 or 5.


Civic Honour Roll:

For the civic honour roll nominations are made from staff across the school. To qualify for the civic honour roll students must have made a significant contribution to the wider life of the 6th form/and or lower school. At the end of term awards assembly the prize draw takes place with each draw winner will receive a voucher worth £50.


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