Educational Trips and Visits

A wide range of trips and visits are organised at St Benedict’s School throughout the academic year. These trips can be part of the subject curriculum, or extra-curricular activities that are attended by students as an experience. Students are keen to take advantage of the opportunities offered and gain a tremendous amount from these out of school activities. Taking part in problem solving, decision-making and residential experiences both at home and abroad can enhance the development of personal and social skills. The knowledge and experience gained beyond the classroom can consolidate and extend the taught curriculum within it.

Examples of trips/visits
  • Paris
  • Rome
  • Germany
  • CERN (Switzerland)
  • St. Bees
  • Keswick
  • London
  • Oxbridge and Russell Group universities
  • And many, may more…….
2018/2019 trips and visits
  • Italy Skip Trip 2019
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