Dear Parents/Carers

We are aware that many of our students do not have breakfast. Whilst we understand that this can be for a variety of reasons, we would always recommend that students have breakfast each day and ask for your support with this.

Recently, we sent an anonymous survey to students to try and understand a little bit more about when students eat and more importantly when they begin to feel hungry. We know that when students are hungry, they do not concentrate as much as they should in class. We had a very good response to the survey, and we found that most students, including some who said they had breakfast, were getting hungry around break time (as you may expect). It is also our experience that many students are filling up on sugary sweets and snacks at break time, that aren’t particularly healthy.

With all this in mind we have decided, as of Tuesday, 1 st November we will re-introduce food during students break time, in the canteen. We will serve items such as toast and crumpets to Year 7, 8 ,9 and 10. Year 11, 12 and 13 will continue to access our coffee cart each break.

We will try to keep the food as affordable as possible. To help in this regard we will increase the subsidy to those in receipt of free school meals by an extra 50p.

We hope this move goes some way to ensuring that everyone is supported and able to concentrate in their lessons.

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