Years 8 and 9 Students take part in Tomorrow’s Engineers programme

Today, some of our academically gifted students from Years 8 & 9 have been taking part in a special workshop organised through the Tomorrow’s Engineers programme.

The Tomorrow’s Engineers programme is led by the engineering community and provides a platform for employers to work effectively with schools to inspire more young people to consider a career in engineering.

Today’s event was for academically gifted pupils in science and designed to develop practical skills, collaborative working, reasoning and critical thinking skills.

The event consisted of two parts:


1)      A half day-workshop based around energy. The workshop was made up of four sessions. Learning objectives included understanding the global energy challenge, the pros and cons of different energy technologies, and developing hands-on practical skills as they take part in an in-depth practical project with the creation of a solar vehicle.


2)       A STEM challenge. The Challenge was in the form of a science and engineering investigation kit, and will be ran as a STEM Club activity in school over the coming weeks. Students will work on a hands-on engineering experience that links the curriculum to the real world, learn about life as a working scientist or engineer and take part in the type of work that would be needed to address real world global challenges. If students complete all 10 modules, they will have enough credit to apply for a Bronze British Science Association CREST Award.


This program has been funded by Tomorrow’s Engineers following an investment of over £1million by Shell. This means the whole project is completely free of charge to the school and is a brilliant way of engaging students in STEM.



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