Year 8 Students take part in Floatation Workshop

Last week students from Year 8 took part in a Floatation Workshop delivered by the Marine Society & Sea Cadets (MSSC).

Sally Wilkinson, Regional Stem Co-ordinator at MSSC spent the morning with over 60 Year 8 students delivering the workshop.

The workshops explained and investigated the effects of pressure on sea vessels, with specific focus on buoyancy.  Pupils gained the opportunity to develop skills and understanding during the fun, interactive sessions in which they learnt the principles of engineering through use of marine-based real-life scenarios. 

Students were tasked with creating a boat, using only card and foil, which could then hold the most marbles possible.

Mrs Mitchell from St Benedict’s commented:

“The students really enjoyed the STEM workshop. They learnt a lot form the session, and developed their skills in working as a team through engineering and developing ideas to overcome gravitational forces.”

Sally Wilkinson from MSSC with Year 8 Students
Students testing their Floatation Devices

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