Year 7 Students take part in Robotics Challenge

Some of our Year 7 students have taken part in a free day of robotics fully funded by Cumbria & Lancashire Network for Collaborative Outreach.

The special session, which was also support by STEM Cumbria Ltd, took place at the school this week and involved groups of gifted Year 7 students.

They were split into teams, and given the same basic equipment and resources. They then had a morning of training and experimenting, followed by the task of building and programming the robots to achieve various challenges.

Karen Kelso, Science Teacher and Assistant Head Teacher at the school commented:

“Our Year 7 students have had a fantastic opportunity to build and program mini robots to complete challenges. The skills and knowledge they have gained is extremely valuable in extending their studies and experience of STEM. We very much appreciate the support of the ambassadors in delivering the day.”

The competition challenges were based on First Lego League ‘Trash Trek’ Robot Challenge from 2015, with support offered from STEM Cumbria Ltd Staff and STEM Ambassadors.

Fran Ward, from STEM Cumbria Ltd worked with the students on the day:

“We had a fantastic day at St Benedict’s School. Whilst delivering the workshop I was scouting for talent for the school to include in next year’s First Lego League team, and I found it hard to whittle the numbers down. Some of those picked were probably the best programmers and problem solvers I have ever had the privilege of teaching.”

“I visited the students last year while still at primary, and it is great to see the work I did having an impact and that the skills were still there one year on.”

“It also shows that the continuity of activities between secondary and primary schools really does pay dividends.”

Ian Smith, Head teacher at St Benedict’s was very impressed with the workshop:

“We are very grateful to STEM Cumbria Ltd, and Cumbria & Lancashire Network for Collaborative Outreach for funding and delivering these kind of workshops. I continue to be impressed and amazed by our young students who show such promise in STEM activities and studies.”

The sessions was designed to support KS3 Computing Programmes of Study and will raise early awareness of STEM-related careers.


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