Year 7 enjoy Team Building Day

Students recently took part in an activity workshop ran by INSPIRA to help promote team building and resilience.

The students worked in their classes to complete a number of fun but challenging tasks. They had six tasks in total to complete and all students had to get involved. When they had spent time practising each task they were challenged to complete all six activities in the quickest time possible, with the catch that if they got one of the activities wrong, they had to start the whole thing again.

The students worked extremely well together. It was interesting to see how the groups managed to organise themselves in a way that worked for them, each group doing it slightly differently.

Mrs Young, Head of Year for Year 7 commented:

“Students soon realised that everyone trying to talk at once wasn’t working and some recognised that they had natural leadership qualities which meant they were able to organise the group with minimal input from supervising staff. Resilience is a key skill that students need to develop not only for their academic studies but to prepare them for the working world. Watching them get frustrated when a task went wrong, then pick themselves back up and start again was a joy to see.”

“I hope that the students are able to transfer these skills into the classroom and realise that it is ok to have a go, get things wrong and have another go; after all, that is what learning is all about.”

The INSPIRA team discussed with the students the skills that they had learned from the experience and helped them to understand how some of these can be implemented in the working world.

Their behaviour was fantastic throughout the workshop and it was really interesting to see some of the students really come out of their shell, all the whilst having fun and learning some really important lessons!

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