Year 11 & Year 13 Leavers

Our Year 11 and Year 13 students are currently on study leave, following their Leavers’ Assemblies before half term.

The students are in school for the exams until the end of June, and also some revision sessions, but other than this they have now officially left St Benedict’s School.

Mrs Warneford, Tutor Team Leader for Year 11 said:

“It is now time for one door to close and the next door to open.  As the challenge of GCSEs comes to an end, new opportunities will await you. Each of you has a talent and each of you will shine in your own way.”

“Be strong, be brave and be true to yourself.  I wish you all a happy future.”

Year 11 Students were given various awards at the assembly including:

Maths Challenge Certificates for Mia Oaks (Gold) Willow Warneford (Silver) Jack Tyson and Macy Rogerson (Bronze)

Prom tickets were also given to Aaron Eldon and Darcie Kiddie for 100% attendance over Key Stage 4.

Year 13 Students also had their Leavers’ Assembly before half term. Mrs Kar, Director of Learning for Sixth Form commented:

“It was a wonderful occasion, our last assembly with our Year 13 students. We reminisced and reflected on our journey together and shared many a happy memory. I would like to wish all of our Year 13 students all the best for their futures and don’t be strangers!”

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