Year 11 Employability Courses

Year 11 How To Boost Your Employability During Lockdown!

Free online courses to:

  • Boost your employability and give you great updates for your CV.
  • Help you improve your study skills in time for college.
  • Support students applying for an apprenticeship for this September.

Please note:

  • All the listed are free courses. They all feature ads, so click on ‘remove ads’ and you’ll see the content.
  • Only give out the briefest of information e.g. name and email. Never give your telephone number.
  • One site asks for a Date of Birth to know which school year you are in, which is ok.
  • Some professional Future Learn courses offer the chance to engage with other students on their moderated portal. This is NOT recommended for year 11 students. Please do not use.
  • If the specific videos here do not appeal to you, use You Tube/the main links to find ones that do.

Details of Courses – Download Document 

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