Year 10 Students visit St Begh’s Primary School

On Tuesday 27th of March during Holy Week, a group of our Year 10 students visited St Begh’s Primary School in Whitehaven.

The students had spent time in school preparing Easter workshops in school to lead the students of Years 3 and 4 on an Easter Retreat Day in St Begh’s Church.

The students prepared sessions reflecting upon the days of the Easter Tridium, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Mr Teasdale, St Benedict’s School Chaplain, accompanied the students and comments:

“Our students have been busy preparing sessions on the Easter Story for the last two weeks ready to deliver them to the students of St Begh’s.”

“Both students of St Benedict’s and St Begh’s benefited hugely from this experience, which has now become an annual occasion.”


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