Welcome Back

Welcome to the start of the new Academic Year at St Benedict’s School. This is an exciting time for the school as we are shortly moving over to the new school buildings in Campus Whitehaven. You will have seen the rapid progress over the last few weeks, including the exciting new floodlit 4G pitch. The progress within the buildings has been equally impressive with most classrooms complete; food and science labs nearly complete and some sophisticated IT equipment being available for the opening date.

As soon as we are able, we will confirm the exact date for moving to the new school, so please keep returning to our website to check. We will also send texts home and place as much information as we can on the MILK app.

Just as a reminder, our Year groups are led by:

* Miss Hughes, Director of Learning for Year 7

* Mrs Dawson, Tutor Team Leader for Year 8

* Mrs Hannan, Tutor Team Leader for Year 9

* Mrs Ashbridge, Tutor Team Leader for Year 10

* Mrs Warneford, Tutor Team Leader for Year 11

* Mrs Kar, Director of Learning for the Sixth Form

Our new SENCo is Mr Cox.

For our new Year 7 students, the excitement of coming to ‘big school’ can be scary too – our staff are ready to look after you, help you find your way around the school, help with our cashless catering (don’t worry about this – our Year 7 students will have a slightly earlier lunch this week to enable them to become familiar with the choices and systems), and to ensure you have a great start to your time at St Benedict’s.

We would invite all parents and carers to take a look at some of the policies on our website – particularly the Uniform Policy and the Mobile Phone Policy – so that you are familiar with the content and are able to offer your valuable support to the school and to your children. Please take a little time to check your child has the equipment they need for school (whatever Year Group they are in!) and a bag of adequate size to carry all the brand new exercise books!

Please remember that the timings of the school have changed:

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 8.40am – 3.25pm

Thursday & Friday 8.40am – 2.30pm

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