Update from Mrs Jackson – 18th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the amazing support we have had from you, and your sensible approach to attendance.  We now have a significant number of pupils who are unable to attend school. From today our on-line learning will be available from our website and through an app if you are using phones and tablets.

It is our recommendation that pupils follow their normal timetable while at home and access the work on-line in lesson sized chunks of 55 minutes.

I am enclosing a guide to help you access the work and this will be issued to pupils in school. The simplest way is to go to our website and access the correct year group and subject.

Student Online Learning Guide

Please note that we have launched this early, because we have had so many requests. Therefore all of the work for all subjects and all year groups is not yet available. We will of course try to prioritise Year 11 and Year 13.

The system allows pupils to self-assess work in some instances and allows you to look over it too. Under the circumstances we have designed work that does not need detailed feedback from teachers.

In the event of a full closure all work will be available each week.

If you have any difficulties or queries please use the following e-mail address:


Kindest regards

Emma Jackson

Head Teacher

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