Tuesday of Holy Week

Judas had free will.  Without free will Judas could not freely love Jesus.  But with free will, Judas chose to betray Jesus.  The same is true with us.  We have free will and we are given the same ability that Judas had to accept the love of Jesus or to reject it.  We can let His loving gift of salvation and grace enter our lives or refuse it.  It’s 100% up to us.

Holy Week is an ideal time to seriously contemplate the road you are on.  Each and every day of your life you are invited by God to choose Him with all your might and love.  But, like Judas, we so often betray Him by our refusal to enter Holy Week with Jesus, embracing His Cross as ours.  We so often fail to give completely of our lives in a sacrificial and generous way, as our Lord did that Holy Week.