Students Walk in the Shoes of a Refugee

All this week at St Benedict’s Catholic High School, students and visitors have had the chance to walk in the shoes of a refugee as part of a visiting exhibition.

The Journey to Sanctuary exhibition tells the story of a refugee who is fleeing from persecution. The visitors wear headphones and travel with the refugee as she escapes a war zone and head for a refugee camp.

The Lee House Centre for Mission Awareness created the exhibition to raise awareness of the plight of refugees. It has toured various schools & festivals to help spread a message of hope.

Students from St Benedict’s have spent the week taking it in turns to visit, and it has also been open to the public in the evenings.

Katie McGregor from Year 10 said:

“I found the exhibition very helpful & interesting. I was much more engaging that I was expecting it to be.”

Eve Riley, also from Year 10 said:

“I thought it showed how hard the life of a refugee is, and I learnt a lot.”

The exhibition will continue to travel around once it has left St Benedict’s. For more information visit

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