Students have their art work on display at The Beacon

Students from our school have had the honour of having some their art work displayed in The Beacon Museum in Whitehaven.

The art work is part of the new exhibition at the museum, ‘Hero or Villain?: Myth Busting Piracy,’ which will be on display until July. This exciting new exhibition stems from a partnership with the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

It features a unique bust of a so called “Barbary Pirate”, as well as telling the story of John Paul Jones, a naval captain turned privateer who once led a naval attack on Whitehaven.

The students were asked to deliver a project based on the Moroccan fashion and design displayed on the bust. Fifty students in total from Year 7 were involved in the project, and produced varying pieces of artwork.

Mrs Ros Longbone, Head of Art & Design at the school commented:

“If you see the work you will see how varied the students’ designs are and the excellent drawing ability and creative ability our students have. All of the Year 7 students’ work showed talent and I am extremely proud of their work.”

Headteacher Ian Smith said:

“Whitehaven and the surrounding areas have a rich history and it is pleasing to see our students recognising this. We are blessed to have so many talented students in our midst and this is a further example of this.”

Alan Irwin, Business Development Manager at The Beacon, comments:

“The students’ work here is one of the highlights of this exhibition. It is important to consider how stories like that of the pirates get interpreted, and this vibrant display of work shows how these students have engaged with the topic and put their own slant on the continuing story.  We look forward to working with the school on future projects like this one.”

The exhibition will now be running until Sunday 2nd July, and more details can be found at www.the

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