Student of the Week

Today Mrs Jackson presented our latest winners of ‘Students of the Week.’

Alex Tan, was the first recipient from our Sixth Form. He was nominated by Miss Hunter for running a fantastic extra curricular activity, and also by Mrs Kar for showing a huge deal of resilience in organising a fundraising basketball match.

Alex Tan receiving his award from Mrs Jackson earlier today

Farhan Miah from Year 11 was nominated for his work in Maths. He is to be commended for giving 100% in every lesson and for having a great attitude.

Farhan Miah receiving his certificate today

Ethan Wood from Year 10 was nominated because he has “put so much effort into his Art & Design coursework; his film poster copy was excellent and he has worked hard on his research. What a good start to a GCSE course.

Matilda Freestone from Year 9 was commended for her “consistently high standard of work in every Maths lesson.

Matilda from Year 9

Kier Starkie from Year 8 was nominated for being an absolute star in Geography! ‘He is always keen and enthusiastic in lessons.’

Eve Barwise from Year 7 was nominated by Mr Boal for her work in Food Technology whilst looking at the Eatwell Guide. “She took on the role of a teacher. Eve did it so well, and with so much enthusiasm, that Mr Boal is now scared for hos job!”

Unfortunately Eve and Kier were not available today for photos. We will catch up with them soon!

Well done everyone!

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