Student of the Week

Our latest students of the week were today awarded their certificates by Mrs Jackson.

All of the students were nominated by teachers, and put forward by their Head of Years.

Some of the students, receiving their certificates earlier today.

Isla Renkin-Chare from Year 7 was nominated by Miss Banks:

“Isla has a positive, cheerful attitude to Maths; she is to be commended for helping another student who has been struggling.”

Lloyd Jenkinson from Year 8 (missing from photo) was nominated for his work in Geography. He has taken it upon himself to ‘buddy’ students. He has been doing this for a couple of weeks now, with consistent determination and seemingly endless patience. Lloyd has been an exceptional role model to other students.

Jamie Carney from Year 9 is to be commended for spending the whole of the last Maths lesson peer mentoring another student. He regularly helps others who are struggling in Maths.

Neve Goodwin from Year 10, was nominated for her fantastic work in English. She produced an assessment which was a Grade 7 piece, 1 mark from an 8, and one of the highest scoring pieces on the class. She is always hardworking and very polite in class.

And finally, Carlianne Underwood from Year 11 was nominated by Mrs Thompson:

“Carlianne is to be conmended for the work that she has produced and for her enthusuasm and effort. Well done!”

Each student will now receive achievement points, and will be entered into a prize draw at the end of term.

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