Student of the Week

Congratulations to our two winners this week – Alfie Hodgson & Katie Herbert.

Alfie Hodgson, from Year 9 was nominated by Miss Hunter for his amazing homework in Maths. She said:

“He had to design an image on a grid and then list the co-ordinates you would follow to plot this image.”

Alfie receiving his award from Mr Bridgman and Miss Hunter

Katie Herbert from Year 11 also received the award after being nominated by Miss Powe. Katie coached the Year 8 netball team and umpired during a tournament.

Miss Powe said:

“She displayed huge levels of confidence and had an excellent rapport with the younger students. Katie was able to use skills gained during her PE lessons and apply them to a competitive situation; she is a great role model for younger students.”

Katie receiving the award from Mr Bridgman and Miss Powe

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