STEM Club Present their Projects

Recently, our STEM Club teams have presented their projects that they have been working on since October.

The four teams were made up of Year 7 and Year 8 STEM club students, and the projects were for their entries for Youth Industrial Strategy.

The Youth Industrial Strategy Competition is a new, national STEM initiative that aims to inspire & challenge young people aged 11-to-19.

Focused around the four Grand Challenges of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy, the Competition calls on students to come up with innovative solutions that have the potential to change our future industries, society and the environment.

Our four teams worked on various projects, see below details:

Josie Rose, Amber Hooper and Ruby Hardy

Worked on designing an app that can track the amount of carbon dioxide you produce.

Teagan Prince, Natasha McDonald, Sophie Roberts

Worked on designing and making a water filter using recycled/repurposed materials.

Finn McAllister, Leone DiBlasio, Thomas Mellon, Tom Longley and Caleb Frankland

Worked on designing a drone for farmers that analyses images and soil samples to aid watering decisions.

Tyler Hukins, Jessica Pattinson, Cody Messenger, Aiden Creer and  Harry Riley

Worked on designing an app that helps you to make decisions.

The next stage is to wait for a reply to see if they are to present their work at the Big Bang Fair. We’d like to wish the teams the best of luck going forward!

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