St Benedict’s students ready for Infinity Festival 2017

A group of Year 11 Students are this week busy putting the finishing touches to a special robotics project they have been working on over the summer.

They were set the task from REACT Engineering and will be presenting their finished product at the Infinity Festival this Thursday as ambassadors of St Benedict’s School.

The students have developed a robot that will be able to take photos and upload to social media. The have worked on all of the coding themselves, and had assistance from Aaron Griffiths from University of Manchester along the way.

The group of students have met twice a week over the summer holidays, and have all worked individually at home on the project. They have all enjoyed the process, but say it has been a big learning curve and taken them out of their comfort zone. There has been a lot of trial and error, and they have had to learn to work unsupervised and manage their own time.

Karen Kelso, Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for STEM is extremely proud of the students:

“The ambassadors have been working with the REACT Foundation for many months preparing for the festival. They have demonstrated exceptional planning, organisational and problem solving skills that they have developed from being part of this project. They are dealing with adults on a professional level and we are extremely proud of their determination and resilience.”

In addition to the ambassadors, six students from Years 9 and 10 will be attending on the day. These students have a flare in the STEM subjects and been recommended by their Directors of Learning.

Infinity Festival is aimed at 13- to 14-year-olds from across Cumbria.  The event is set to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers through motivating talks and exciting hands-on experiments and workshops from leading figures in the world of science, technology and engineering.

The festival programme will also feature employment opportunities, training options and career paths.  An evening reception will also be held for parents of the pupils involved, which will include interviews with scientists and pupils by Professor Brian Cox, whilst engaging with parents to ‘get them on board’ supporting pupils to aspire to a future with no limits.

Karen Kelso thinks the event will be hugely beneficial for students:

“The students have access to an inspirational experience that will cement their enthusiasm for STEM and supplement the information and guidance we give them here at St Benedict’s.”

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