Students from St Begh’s get a taste of life in Secondary School

A group of 88 Year Four students from St Begh’s Catholic Junior School in Whitehaven have recently visited St Benedict’s Catholic High School to get a taste for what school life will be like as a senior school student.

The students from St Begh’s have been studying solids, liquids and gases and came to work with St Benedict’s teachers and students in their Science labs to carry out experiments to reinforce their learning.

Karen Kelso, Assistant Head Teacher at St Benedict’s organised the visit:

“It is important for us to work with our primary colleagues to establish working practices that assist continuity, coherence and progression that look at all areas of the curriculum. 

The Science department look forward to continuing to work with the students again in the future so we are well prepared to deliver them an exciting and challenging science curriculum well matched to their needs when they join us in Year 7.”

The students were split into four groups, and worked closely with the St Benedict’s Science teachers, and Year 8 students who had volunteered to help.

They observed dust explosion experiments, and also took part in sessions using bunsen burners, and learnt about how water changes state. They also looked at using a thermometer and how evaporation works.

Helen McQuirk, Deputy Head Teacher at St Begh’s commented:

“ At St Begh’s we try to make science as fun and practical as possible and so we thought if the children could work in a science lab as opposed to their usual classroom it would inspire them to take an interest in science even more.

The children were really excited about working in St Benedict’s as it will be the secondary school the majority of our children will attend so they were intrigued about what it was like. Having older children helping them with their lesson will also help them to realise secondary school is an exciting place to be.”

It is hoped that this type of activity will become an annual event, and both the schools want to continue working together to assist the younger students with their transition into senior school education.

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