Sixth Form Students take part in Chemistry Workshop

Students from our Sixth Form have recently had the pleasure of taking part in a special lecture around careers in nuclear chemistry.

The lecture was delivered by a past student of St Benedict’s, Christian White and his colleagues.

The purpose of the visit was to make Sixth Form students aware of the careers available in nuclear chemistry and to encourage them to pursue chemistry at a higher level.

During the session the students were able to control and successfully complete an experiment on column chromatography in Hannover.

About the project – MEET-CINCH

The MEET-CINCH project is an EU-funded project in which a consortium of European universities and companies have come together to produce teaching material on nuclear chemistry (e.g. radiation chemistry, medical isotopes, waste management, etc).

The project came about due to the concern in decline of people moving into the nuclear industry and the growing skills gap. The consortium wants to make educational tools available to the public, graduates and early career people to make them aware of the opportunities in the industry and provide training material (mainly using online teaching platforms).

The project has now been running for about 6 years and a number of tools and materials have been produced, such as the “Robolabs”. The robolabs are a group of experiments (some located in Oslo and some in Hannover) which allow you to control real nuclear experiments remotely, using an internet platform to control the settings and move the robots.

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