Sixth Form students selected to go to Tanzania

Five students from our Sixth Form have been selected to go to Tanzania next year with The Cumbria-Rungwe Community Link (CRCL).

The selection weekend earlier in September, is the culmination of a year’s worth of involvement in CRCL. Students from various schools, get involved in Years 11 & 12 and help to raise money for the Inward visit to West Cumbria, which takes place every two years.

This year CRCL hosted 6 students from Tanzania and their 3 leaders to Campus Whitehaven for three days, where they visited both St Benedict’s School and Mayfield School and also made use of the swimming pool.

The selection weekend itself was as close to conditions in Tanzania as possible. The hostel where the group stayed at the end of Ennerdale turned off their hot water and the group ate meals of rice and beans.

Students went on a two hour early morning hike, learnt how to wash clothes by hand in a bucket, repaired roads, built a compost bin cleared part of a forest floor for future planting, carried water from the river to then take part in their very own version of the ice bucket challenge. This year the sun even shone to add to the authenticity! As part of the process, each student also had a 20 minute interview to assess how they may cope in Tanzania for one month.

Group of students at the selection weekend which includes Macey Dorgan, Yzabella Renton, Micheal Lewthwaite, Mia Oakes and Daroma Hastings from St Benedict’s School

Mrs Lee from St Benedict’s, who is also part of CRCL commented:

“I am so happy for the five students from St Benedict’s who were selected to be part of #Outward2020 next summer. They were an absolute credit to themselves and the school and should be so proud of their involvement in this link. Their biggest drive to travel to Tanzania was overwhelmingly to see the friends that they made here in West Cumbria this summer . The CRCL cultural exchange is certainly alive & well.”

Mrs Lee said to watch this space for future fundraisers – The group will be face painting at Muncaster Castle over Halloween & have a sponsored swim on Campus at the end of November.

All monies raised go to projects in Tanzania, as students selected make a personal contribution of around £900 to cover the cost of their flights, travel & accommodation whilst in Tanzania.

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