Each term we give you a focus on a different subject.

This term we are focussing on our Science subjects, with some insight from Mrs Kelso, Subject Leader for Science.


Out of School Success

We have had some spectacular success with our out of school projects this term.

Our Go4SET team have been working with Mr James and LLWR and have won the overall best project award when they went to Middlesbrough, competing with schools from all over the north of England.

Our Bright Sparks teams and Mrs Kelso are close to finalising their projects for their silver CREST awards having had an extremely successful day at their energy conference winning many categories resulting in them bringing back a giant cheque for Mrs Lowrey to cash to fund further STEM activities.

Studies this term

Students have been studying many different areas this term.

Science really mean Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Applied Science. Our department offers a whole suite of courses and the students are covering a vast array of topics.

Mrs Kirkup and A Level Chemistry have been to learn about chromatography at the University of Cumbria and they have also been helping NNL to develop teaching resources for nuclear chemistry.

A level Biology have been to the beach to study habitats for a required practical and for once it wasn’t raining!

Anna Woolaghan and Joseph Brennan have been to the University of Lancaster with their families as they have won Student Physicist of the Year Awards.



Homework is usually practicing applying the knowledge we have acquired. It strengthens recall and by applying knowledge to new situations we are preparing our students to be resilient in whatever situations they find themselves in in the future.

Extra Curricular & Enrichment Opportunities

The opportunities we offer change as the year goes on. We have Engineering Education Scheme running in the Autumn and Spring for Year 12. Go4SET for Year 8 in the summer and Bright Sparks for Year 9 in the Summer.

We have had extra-curricular employer led STEM days for Year 7 Academically Gifted students (Destination Milky Way) and all Year 8 students who either participated in Flotation workshops, Energy Quest workshops or Polar Explorer.

Year 12 Physics have been to Lancaster University to enhance their particle physics work and Y13 physics have had an interesting lecture on the nuclear industry in west Cumbria. Students have also been entered for various subject Olympiads and have had been very successful in the exams.

Future Developments

We have completely revolutionised the way science is taught in our school over the last two years. We are implementing the final year of our new KS3 curriculum in September. We are set to welcome three new members of staff to the department in September. With their diverse expertise and dedication we look forward to being able to offer even more exciting and enriched opportunities to support our students in their learning.













Our lessons are always delivered in a variety of ways.

Whilst we develop our understanding of scientific knowledge we use this knowledge to solve problems and develop the transferable skills that prepare our students for the future. Whether that is via university, apprenticeship or directly into employment.

We investigate, experiment, analyse and evaluate as well as considering the environmental and ethical aspects of how scientist work.


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