School celebrates glowing report from Diocese of Lancaster

St Benedict’s has this week received an extremely positive report from the Diocese of Lancaster, following an inspection on the 9th & 10th of May.

St Benedict’s is celebrating a most positive report which describes the school in glowing terms.  Inspections such as this are in addition to Ofsted inspections, and take place every five years.

The report states that the school is a “good” Catholic school, and that, “there has been a significant and discernible improvement in the Catholic life of the school since the last inspection.” The report goes on to state that “the quality of relationships and pastoral care are outstanding, and are built on the foundations of the school’s Catholic life”. The students are quoted in the report as describing the support on offer from the staff as “unparalleled”. Behaviour in the school is described as being “excellent”.

Headteacher, Ian Smith, said:

“This inspection demonstrates the continuing development of St Benedict’s in many ways. The report is an accurate and useful description of the school as a faith community at this time. I am particularly pleased with a number of comments made within the report, which demonstrates the high quality provision in religious education as a subject area and the Catholic life of the school more generally. I am also delighted that the report recognises the contributions the students make to school life and the dedication of the staff and Governing Body.”

Mr Smith added that he was pleased that the report records not just the academic progress of the students in Religious Education, but in particular the manner in which students proclaim their faith, undertake significant charitable fundraising, and enjoy mutually respectful relationships with the adults employed at the school.

The report shows that students are encouraged to develop compassion in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Mr Smith also said that it was pleasing to see the students recognise the professionalism of the staff. The report states that “staff show great commitment to the success of their students, and a willingness to go the extra mile for help.” The work of the Lay Chaplain, Richard Teasdale, is also commended.

Head of Religious Education, Ian Nevitt, stated:

“The report is a positive endorsement by the inspectors which shows how we meet the needs and demands of our students. We are not just an ‘exam factory’, we are a community which helps and supports our students and staff to reach their full potential.”

Mr Nevitt went on to thank the students, for their positive comments about the school and the department, governors for their support and guidance, the staff within the department for their excellent subject knowledge and their hard work as well as the dedication of parents/carers and other adults for their support, and the role that they play within the education of their children.

Chair of Governors, Willie Slavin, stated:

“While it is so pleasing to be assured that St Benedict’s Catholic High School is being true to its founding principles, perhaps the most noteworthy of the report’s findings is its recognition that these same principles permeate and inform all aspects of school life.”

The full report is available to view by clicking here


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