Rotary Technology Tournament

Twelve students from Years 9, 10 & 12 have taken part in the annual Rotary Technology Tournament, organized by Workington Rotary Club.

The competition was held last Friday at Hunday Manor in Workington, with five teams in total from various West Cumbrian Schools.

The students were set a challenge where they had to design a motorised ‘mole’ that would be used to clear debris from pipes when there is a blockage. The students were given a basis set of equipment that they had work out how to assemble.

They spent the morning producing a design portfolio and coming up with a range of possible solutions to the problem. They then had to work out how to power the motor and build a device that could carry the motor and clear all the debris from the pipe.

After they completed the challenge, they were invited up to give a demonstration to the judges as well as the competing teams.

The Year 10 team were runners up in the Intermediate Challenge.



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