Rock Challenge team showcase at Carlisle

Our amazing Rock Challenge team have showcased their performance at Carlisle Sands Centre, along with other local schools.

This years performance is called ‘Where there’s life, there is hope’ based on the life of Stephen Hawking. The team decided on this theme as the anniversary of Stephen’s death is 14th March; the same date as the Carlisle event.

The Rock Challenge Team at Carlisle Sands Centre

About the performance:

On the 14th March 2018 we lost a true legend; an individual who inspired a generation. Diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease at 21, nobody could have dreamt that Stephen Hawking would shape the course of physics for the next 5 decades. In his final hours Stephen reflects on love, life and his lasting legacy… be brave, be determined, overcome the odds.

Awards of Excellence:

The team were awarded the following at Carlisle:


Stage use



Visual enhancement



Stage crew

This year, St Benedict’s have 97 participants including performers, stage crew and lighting designers. They were all very excited to showcase at Carlisle, and are now looking forward to taking the performance to Grimsby in June.

The full team at their final dress rehearsal

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