Polite Reminder for Parents/Carers

The access gates to enter Campus Whitehaven to pick students up at the end of the day open at 14:30 Monday – Wednesday and 13:55 Thursday and Friday. Please do not arrive before this time as you will not be able to access the site.

Can we also take this opportunity to remind you not to park in the designated bus bay, that there should be no parking on any of the Campus pavements and that pulling up to the right hand side of the access road is not allowed. This is to ensure that our students have safe routes to access the areas of the site which they may need at the end of the school day. The pavements on site are used by your children to access the external PE facilities and car parks and parking on the pavement forces children to walk on the road.

You can, of course, stagger your arrival time as the library is open every evening until 16:30, this might help ease the volume of traffic and help you avoid lengthy queues. We have noticed that there is little traffic on site from 15:40 Monday – Wednesday and from 14:40 Thursday and Friday so your cooperation in this matter would be appreciated.

Thank you for your continuing support as we try to keep your children safe.

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