New Eco-Council Meets for the First Time

A new Eco-Council has been formed at St Benedict’s, and they met for the first time just before half term.

Mrs Lee & Mr Hamilton oversaw the meeting and said it was a good meeting.

And outline of ideas discussed are below.


Lack or recycling facilities

Food waste

Lack of trees on Campus

Electric use – Lights left on, Computers on, radiators on with windows open etc.

Paper & printing issues – Wasted paper

Single use plastic (SUP) bottles

Wasted greywater

Car use to & from school & engines left running while parents/carers wait to collect children


Source of paper (for copiers and exercise books) – Is this always recycled?

Lighting in classrooms – Timers (do they all work?) – Staff and student awareness

Consider car sharing – Minimum of three passengers per car to access school site.

Water coolers to refill bottles (United Utilities can provide free multi-use drinks bottles to students)

Shorten length of time taps run for when washing hands – Wasted water was discussed at length

Search engine that is set as standard on all school PCs/laptops – Could we use Ecosia – they plant the trees for us when we do the internet searches.

We look forward to following what the Eco-Council will do going forward and wish them lots of luck!

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