National Poetry Day

This Thursday (4th October) is National Poetry Day, and we have lots of activities planned here in school. Please see your tutors or Miss Burnup for more details.

Theme: Change


  • My Favourite Poem – teachers will be sharing their favourite poems with you
  • Poem a Day – your tutors will be sharing a new poem with you every day until half term
  • Poetry Competition – Open to all year groups
    • Write a short poem with/on the theme ‘Changes’
      • Completed poems should be put in the competition box in the ISC by Friday 12th October 2018. Make sure name & tutor group are written on the back.
      • Prizes for the best poems.
    • Poetry-Mon-Go Competition (Mr Barlow)
      • Open to years 7 & 8.
      • Each member of the English department has given a line of poetry, which will be displayed around the school. Students need to find the stops and collect each line of poetry to enter on a sheet. There will be small prizes for winning participants in both year groups.

Good Luck with the competitions, and enjoy National Poetry Day!

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