Message from our Lay Chaplain

To our school community,

There is no doubt that the weeks to come are going to be difficult for our international community and the decision announced today by the Bishops of England and Wales to pause the public celebration of Holy Mass will have a profound impact on Catholic congregations throughout the UK.

However, I want to offer some words of encouragement for the challenging period to come.

Noah sat on an Ark for 40 days and watched the world flood. God eventually brought him to land.

The Israelites wandered the desert for 40 years and longed for the Promised Land. God eventually brought them home.

We are walking through a valley, dimly lit and very scary. God will provide here too.

It has been and will continue to be a very demanding Lent, and as public Masses are suspended and we feel the deep ache for the Eucharist, we are like Noah and the Israelites – wandering and waiting – and we can be confident God is here in the midst of this too.

Fear not, we do not walk in this desert alone.

Although Holy Mass has been suspended, our Churches will remain open for those who wish to pray and reflect on everything that is happening in our lives.

Love and Prayers,
Liam Millar Lay Chaplain

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