Maths Tips for Year 7 & 8 Parents/Carers

How can you help your student at home with their Maths homework?

Our Maths department have put together a booklet for you, and some top tips for how you as a parent/carer can help your Year 7 & 8 students.

Top tips from the Maths department:

  • Have a CAN DO attitude and a promote a healthy mind-set – don’t use phrases like ‘I can’t help… I can’t do Maths!’, instead ‘Let’s have a look at it together’
  • Look in your child’s exercise book for recent notes and examples (or some students take photos on their phone of their notes if they don’t want to take their books home!)
  • Use the Calculation Strategies Booklet – designed by the Maths department with lots of basic number skills and examples, pick up a copy from reception or download on the above link.
  • Use BBC Bitesize, YouTube or Corbett Maths websites for videos, questions and support.
  • If your child is still struggling, send them for face to face support from their maths teacher at any break or lunchtime – Maths teachers are always happy to help!

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