Lessons from Auschwitz

Two of our Year 13 students, Rosie Simmons and Keaton Tinnion, have been selected to participate in the Holocaust Education Trust’s Lessons from Auschwitz programme.

Today, Thursday 10th October, Rosie and Keaton will attend a half-day seminar where participants discuss pre-war Jewish life, hear first-hand testimony from a Holocaust survivor and discuss the unique issues of preparing for a Holocaust-related site visit.

Rosie & Keaton setting off to their seminar today

On Wednesday 16th October, Rosie and Keaton will then visit Auschwitz-Birkenau with both a local guide and a trained Lessons from Auschwitz educator who leads group discussions. Auschwitz-Birkenau was the principal and most notorious of the concentration and extermination camps established by Nazi Germany to implement its Final Solution policy which had as its aim the mass murder of the Jewish people in Europe. More than just a visit to Poland, the course is a journey of learning and exploration – about the history of the Holocaust and about the world we live in.

After their visit to Poland, Rosie and Keaton will participate in a half-day seminar for participants to reflect on the visit, explore the contemporary relevance of the lessons of the Holocaust and devise practical ideas for passing on these lessons to their school and local community. These lessons will form the basis for the Next Steps project where Rosie and Keaton will become LfA Ambassadors and disseminate their experiences in the local community.

Both Rosie and Keaton impressed the History Department with their letters of application where they were able to demonstrate their understanding of the importance of programmes such as this.

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