Journey to Sanctuary Exhibition

Fabulous Interactive Exhibition open to the public after school. Walk in the Shoes of a Refugee.

Throughout the week our students will get chance to visit this exhibition during the school day.

It is also open to parents and families after school, from 3.30pm on Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th November.

Please come along and take a look at this amazing exhibition, which is sponsored by diocese and the Lee House Centre for Mission Awareness.

The aim of the exhibition is to develop understanding, compassion and empathy for people who have been forced to leave their homes, families and communities. 

Journey to Sanctuary tells the story of a refugee who has had to flee her own country in search of sanctuary. Participants are taken on her journey through a war zone, a refugee camp, travelling on the back of a truck, through immigration and holding centres, a bed sit and finally starting a new life in a new country. 

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