Information for Year 12 students from Mrs Kar

Internal and External Exams

As we approach the exam period, I am writing to give you more information about this vital phase of your son/daughter’s education. Your support and involvement is essential to encourage them through the build up to their A Levels. I hope that his exam revision for external and internal exams is going well. Your support is appreciated by students and staff at this stressful time in the students’ lives.

Students have been entered for AS exams which are currently non-linear (where the AS grade counts towards their final a level grade) and also for an AS in the subject they are planning to drop at the end of year 12. This will give students an AS qualification at the end of Year 12 which they can use for their university or apprenticeship applications. For other A level courses the exams will be internal and will also give an indication of how well a student is currently performing and the grade can be used on application forms and by staff as a predictor of their final A level grades in this subject.

Year 12 students will not be getting study leave in the exam period and students are expected to attend lessons as normal. The A2 courses begin formal teaching on the 26th of June and there is a year 12 into 13 transition programme which takes place that week as well. Students will continue to attend their four A level options till the end of the academic year.  If students are leaving the sixth form at the end of Year 12 we require attendance till the 20th of July 2017.

Mrs S Kar

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