Information for Activities Week Trips:

Dress code: non uniform. We ask students to wear sensible clothes and shoes. Short shorts and crop tops are not appropriate.

Lunch/snacks: students may bring their own snacks or some money to buy their own at the venue.

Phones/money/belongings: students must be sensible deciding what they will bring and how much money they will need. They will be responsible for their own belongings for the entire trip.

Timings: students must arrive at school 15 minutes before their departure time (10am departure may stay at home until 9:45). Students will register in the main school hall for all trips.

Supervision: students will be supervised by remote supervision. They will always be able to find a member of staff if they need to. Students must go round the park in a minimum group size of 3.

Please contact Mrs Warneford/Miss Powe if you have any questions.

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