Important Notice


As from Monday 10th February 2020, the road entrance gates to the Campus will be locked from 9.15am every morning. If your child is late to school they will be able to access the site via the pedestrian gate. If you are dropping your child off/ collecting your child after 9.15am, please park in the visitor car park and use the pedestrian gate.

The gates will remain locked until 2.40pm Mon, Tues and Weds, and until 2.00pm Thu and Fri.

Please may we ask for your co-operation and understanding? If you are arriving by car to collect your child please do not arrive before the time that the gates open and please do not block the entrance gates by waiting until the gate is unlocked as we need to have access for emergency vehicles at all times. Staff will ask you to move if necessary.

Please leave the bus bays free. When the bays are blocked the buses have nowhere to park and have no option but to wait on the road. This causes frustration for parents – it would help greatly if you would leave the bus bays free.

We need to safeguard your children whilst on the Campus. We have a significant number of cars arriving each afternoon, sometimes an hour before school finishes. This isn’t helping with the traffic issues. If you could consider arriving even ten minutes after the end of school, you will find that the traffic is generally free-flowing and it is easy to park to collect your child. If grandparents/ carers collect your child, please make them aware of the new arrangements.

If you hire a taxi/ minibus to collect your child, please pass this information to them – we know that waiting times can be an issue but would like to suggest that Taxis arrive a couple of minutes after the end of school. Your child can wait indoors in the Winter Garden or in the library which is supervised.

If there is room in the car parks, please do use the spaces.

When leaving the site, please turn LEFT only. Some people persist in turning right and this causes a backlog in traffic on the site.

Please also be considerate of the other road users and residents on Red Lonning. The Highways dept is working closely with the school to try to find a solution to various traffic issues. If your child can walk to school or use public transport, please consider this as an option. We realise that this is not always easy and that public transport times do not always make a good match with school times – we are simply asking you to consider other options.

Finally, if our staff do ask you to move your vehicle please can we ask you to remember that they are trying to keep all the children safe. Verbal abuse towards our staff will not be tolerated.

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