Year 9 Careers, Information and Guidance

The following information outlines the current provision of careers, information and guidance offered to our Year 9 students:

  • Young Cumbria – one hour workshop twice with 60 students (30 students per workshop) aiming at raising aspirations and promoting the “Skills and Employability programme”.
  • Raising aspirations mentoring scheme with the University of Cumbria
  • REACT Foundation Science Show
  • One to one tutor day prior to options to discuss future pathways
  • 63 students took part in a day of STEM activities organised by the Small Piece Trust, to raise their awareness the Engineering can be delivered at our school.
  • “Buddy Scheme” with Year 13.
  • Careers and Guidance assembly delivered by Mike Priestley from Inspira.
  • Option assemblies outlining the process started as soon as we came back after Christmas.
  • University of Cumbria (Hannah Pears) came to deliver Higher Education talks to year 9.
  • WOW (World of work day) Day took place, giving the students insight into a variety of jobs.
  • Options evening held (just before the main event, a smaller meeting took place for students who will be offered a bespoke pathway.
  • Big Bang event
  • Navy engagement day
  • STEM event organised by Science department.
  • Outreach day at the University of Cumbria in Carlisle
  • Macho Myths and Masculinity: a small group took part in a series of 6 workshops ran by Inspira
  • Aspiring Higher evening for Y8/9 presented by the University of Cumbria, Inspira, Sellafield, St. Benedict’s Sixth Form and the Energy Coast partners both year groups to highlight different pathways
  • Year 9 Shadowing scheme in sixth form
  • Options curriculum pathways assembly January
  • Individual interviews with pathway 3 option students on year 9 parents’evening
  • Information Assembly UCAS, presented by SK DOL 6th
  • Architecture workshop
  • Inspirational women’s conference

We try to expose the students to a wide range of career/study pathways in as many ways as possible from school delivered sessions, external providers and external visits and nationally recognised programmes. By developing a cohesive programme of CIAG from primary onwards we can form young people with employability skills, academic qualifications and the confidence to make informed choices about their future.