Parent & Carer

On this page you will find letters that have recently been sent home:

Date Title of Letter  PDF Link
9th Oct 2017 Year 12 Tutor Evening (Letter from Mrs Kar)
12th Oct 2017 In Year Admissions 2018 – 2019 (Letter from Mr Smith) + Amended Admissions Policy

13th Oct 2017 University Student Finance Presentation (Letter from Mrs Kar)  
8th Nov 2017 Year 11 Information Evening + Sixth Form Open Evening (Letter from Mrs Kar)
10th Nov 2017 Year 12 Work Experience 2018 (Letter from Mr Smith)
15th Nov 2017 Year 10 Tutor Evening (Letter from Mrs Warneford)
 12th Dec 2017  Curriculum Consultation Parent / Carer Letter  
January 2018 Reminder on Term Time Holidays: Letter from Cumbria County Council
22nd February 2018 Year 9 Research Study – FLASH Marking in English (Mrs Bishop)
21st March 2018 Arrangements for September 2018 (Letter from Mr Smith)
29th March 2018 Activities Week Letter 11th – 13th July 2018
30th April 208 Year 13 Study Leave (Letter from Mrs Kar)
30th April 2018 Year 13 Summer Ball (Letter from Mrs Kar)
30th April 2018 Year 12 into Year 13 (Letter from Mrs Kar)
23rd May 2018 Year 11 Next Steps and Booster Sessions (Letter from Mr Redhead)
4th July 2018 Year 7,8,9 & 10 Awards Assemblies (Letter from Mr Smith)