Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities 2017 – 2018 (key lines of enquiry): 

  1. To continue to work to develop the Catholic ethos of the school and to respond to the recommendations as set out in the S48 inspection.
  2. To improve the progress of all students, but particularly those deemed to be disadvantaged, pupil premium, and those with SEND.
  3. To review, and amend if appropriate, the curriculum offer (does it enable or restrict progress and attainment in relation to headline accountability measures?)
  4. To critically analyse the role of the Governing Body in holding the senior and middle leaders to account stringently and systematically. Also to work with the Governing Body to set out a three-year plan describing what we would all like the school to look like in three years’ time.
  5. To improve attendance (especially boys, SEND and Pupil Premium)
  6. To improve the leadership of teaching (the quality of teaching, quality of learning and use of data to inform expectation/planning).
  7. To continue to develop and enhance the skills of the whole staff team, through effective performance management and CPD.
  8. To further engage parents and carers with their children’s learning.