Staff List

Staff List 2016-2017

Teaching Staff

Headteacher:  Mr I P Smith
Deputy Headteacher:  Mr I Williams
Deputy Headteacher:  Mrs L Alfaro
Assistant Headteachers:  Mrs K Kelso, Mr D McGeehin, Mr S Bridgman
Subject Leader – Mrs R Longbone
Miss J Timney
Mrs H Williams
Business Studies / ICT
Subject Leader – Mr C Redhead
Mr P Charlton
Mr N Tuer
Mr D McGeehin (Assistant Headteacher – Behaviour)
Engineering / Food Technology
Subject Leader – Mr S Scally
Mr A Boal
Mr A Royle
Mrs L Collins (Director of Learning – KS4)
Subject Leader – Mrs P Proctor
Deputy Subject Leader – Mrs R Parker
Mrs L Alfaro
Mrs T Bishop
Miss K Hughes (Director of Learning for Year 7)
Mrs A Bragg
Mrs M Fox
Miss G Thompson
Subject Leader –  Mrs J Lee
Mrs L Dawson (Director of Learning – Year 8)
Mrs L Kelly
Subject Leader – Miss S Coan
Mrs A Moffat
Mrs P Bridgman
Mrs S Kar (Director of Learning – Sixth Form)
Mrs A Muncaster
Supporting Learning ‘The Link’
SENCo – Mrs C Callaway
Subject Leader – Mr I Williams
Deputy Subject Leader – Mrs A Mulrain
Mr S Bridgman
Mr S Humphries
Mr S Sale
Miss J Tremble (Acting Deputy Subject Leader)
Mrs K Warneford (Director of Learning – KS4)
Miss K Hall
Miss B Hunter
Modern Foreign Languages
Subject Leader – Mr A Arins
Mrs N Hannan (Director of Learning – Year 9)
Miss T Hurst
Mrs S Savage
Physical Education
Subject Leader – Miss L Powe
Mr T Harrison
Mr R Lambert
Mrs K Woodcock
Performing Arts
Subject Leader – Miss L Powe
Miss H Scott
Mr J Davies
Health & Social Care / Psychology
Mrs D Ashbridge
Subject Leader – Mr I Nevitt
Deputy Subject Leader – Mrs G Rush
Mrs B Little
Mrs J Tomkinson
Mr W Peck
Subject Leader / Assistant Headteacher – Mrs K Kelso
Deputy Subject Leader – Mrs E Thomason
Miss K Burnup
Mrs E Dodd
Mr W James
Mr A Kerr
Mrs K Kirkup
Miss M O’Fee
Dr K Payne
Mrs M Shaw

Associate Staff

Mrs A Barwise – Curriculum Support Officer
Mrs R Coombe – SIMS, Data & Student Information Officer
Mrs J Green – PA to Headteacher
Mrs L Hardy – Marketing & Publicity Officer
Mrs A Hartley – PA to Deputy Headteachers
Mrs M Rothery – School Examinations Officer
Mrs L Treble – Admin Assistant/ Receptionist
Miss K Wilkinson – Administration Manager
Miss C Wilson – Admin Assistant/ Receptionist
Mrs A Banks – Finance Officer
Mrs M Lowrey – Business Director
Mr P Wilson – Lettings Janitor
Supporting Learning
Mrs A Beasley – Food Technician
Mrs K Bell – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Callaway – SENCo
Mr C Clay – Design Technology Technician
Mr W Collins – Network & Property Operations Manager
Mrs L Goodwin – Learning Mentor Year 7
Miss H Black – Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Mackay – Cover Supervisor
Mrs L McCarten – Science Technician
Miss D McKee – Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs K McKenna – Learning Mentor Year 11
Mr B Newberry – Senior IT Technician
Mrs S Ritson – Senior Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Smith – School Nurse / Pupil Welfare
Mr W Smith – Science Technician
Mrs A Stewart – ISC Assistant
Mrs D Tegg – Learning Mentor Year 8
Miss P Tinkler – Learning Mentor Year 9
Mrs C Tomlinson – Study Support Officer 6th Form
Mrs P Wells – Learning Mentor Year 10
Mr A Williamson – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Chaplaincy Team
Mr R Teasdale – Lay Chaplain
Fr Paul Dadson
Fr Cenydd Marrison
Fr Richard Simons
Midday Supervisors & School Cleaners
Mrs L Blacklock – School Cleaner
Mrs B Campbell – School Cleaner
Miss G Fawcett – School Cleaner
Mr A Fox – School Cleaner
Mrs J Fox – School Cleaner
Mrs L Henry – School Cleaner
Mr D Kirk – School Cleaner
Miss L McKendrey – School Cleaner
Mrs A McLaughlin – School Cleaner
Mrs J Rickerby – Senior Midday Supervisor / Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs J Smith – Midday Supervisor
Miss C Stamp – School Cleaner
Mrs E Wilson – Midday Supervisor