Headteacher’s Welcome

Dear Parent(s)/Carer(s)


As a Catholic school we recognise and reverence the presence of the Holy Spirit in every child and seek to nurture the God given gifts in each one, encouraging a sense of self awareness, self worth, and self fulfilment.  In helping our young people to become the people God made them to be we, as a community of faith, will recognise our duty to help our young people develop their special gift, whether it is academic, sporting, artistic or other practical abilities.  Whatever gifts your child has, we will seek to grow them within a caring, inclusive learning community that is fully aware of the demands of a complex social and economic context.  It is our sincerest wish that you, as parents and carers, fully engage with us and tell us about the school experience your child enjoys.


We want our students to enjoy school and all it has to offer.  We want to work very closely with our primary schools and our parishes because we know how influential the early years are.  We want our students to feel safe.  We want our students to have fun and enjoy their learning.  We want our students to be academically successful but above all we want them to be rounded individuals capable of living life to the full; our future social and community context depends on them.


As our students grow and develop we want them to be compelling individuals, successful in whatever context they find themselves in.  We want them to be resilient and able to cope with difficulties.  We want our students to lead fulfilling lives, influenced by an experience of the living Christ but anchored in the present and capable of dealing with the future.  Our students need to be tomorrow’s role models for society.


The future for West Cumbria is bright.  We know that we need to work with you as parents and carers but we also know that we need to work with our local business, industry, commerce and higher education.  Young people need academic success at sixteen and then freedom of choice, be it employment with training, an apprenticeship, further or higher study.  Ultimately, however, all young people need employment; and a major part of our job here in school is to ensure they are employable.  This means having a firm and clear use of English, Maths, Science and, importantly, Computer Science.


We want to develop our relationship with the world of work, especially the Energy Coast Masterplan and its Blueprint.  We want to work with business and industry to better understand how best to equip young people with the skills, knowledge and attitudes the workplace demands.


Young people will leave St Benedict’s with a respect for themselves and others, particularly adults.  They will achieve academic and personal excellence.  They will be rounded and grounded with the right skills and the right behaviours.  The leaders and managers of the school know that this can only be achieved by having the best staff, both teaching and associate.  We know we have a duty of care to everyone working in school and we seek to develop adults as much as young people.  We want our teachers to be the best.  We want to encourage creativity in classrooms and liberate teachers; we seek to do this through a relentless search for improvement in all that we do in a caring, Christian environment.


Ultimately, we recognise that a good education will enhance our students’ ability to make informed decisions, be better parents, sustain a livelihood, adopt new technologies, and be happy, contributing members of their communities.


We welcome visitors at any time but an appointment helps to ensure your time is spent well.  If you are interested in coming and having a look round, please contact the school.


Yours sincerely


Ian Smith


Our School Vision

The purpose of our school is to respond to the needs of each individual child; touching the heart and developing the whole personality by fostering qualities of mind, body and spirit, feeling and imagining in a supportive Catholic community.
Pope Francis encourages us to, “Go light a fire in the heart of the world…..and to see each child as a gift to be welcomed, cherished and protected.” Pope Francis also reminds us of the need to promote in our students, open minds, critical ability, and a spirit which seeks answers to the challenges modern society sets before us all. We seek therefore, to secure high academic achievement and excellence for all.
Jean Vanier summarises our aspirations for our students: “When a child is loved, seen as precious, listened to, touched with reverence, it is at peace. It opens up without fear.”

Our School Mission

At St Benedict’s we seek to show excellence in purpose, listening, doing, and belonging through our approach to the 5 W’s (Welcome, Welfare, Witness, Word, Worship).

Our School Motto

A Sense of Faith

Our School Prayer

Dear Lord, thank you for our sense of faith,
Your presence here will keep us safe.
Thank you Lord, for bringing us here,
We know with you we shall not fear.
Help us to discover our purpose, our way,
Show us where we belong this day.
Help us to open our hearts to you,
Guide us in all we say and do.
Send your peace into this place,
Let family and friends receive your grace.
Send your love, your hope, your light,
That we will always know what’s right.
Your presence here will keep us safe,
Thank you Lord for our sense of faith.
St Benedict, Pray for us.