GSCE Results Day Celebrations

Congratulations to all our students who have received their GCSE results today.

St Benedict’s School staff and students are pleased by the 2018 GCSE results.

Headteacher, Ian Smith, said, “I would like to pay tribute to the results our students have achieved.  Taken overall, the year group was of similar ability to last year’s but both attainment and progress have improved significantly in 2018.  I am pleased with the results our students have achieved as, in many ways, they have been new GCSE guinea pigs; the new specifications, assessment regime and grading systems have, in my view, created unnecessary uncertainty.  Given these GCSEs are harder and have more content, our students’ achievements this year are especially commendable.  I should also like to recognise the hard work all the staff put in to help and support our students.  I look forward to sharing the results in more detail once re-marks and the checking exercises have been completed.”

“Cumbrian schools are proud to serve our children, their families and the communities they come from. This year there are more changes than ever to the grading system, grade boundaries and performance measures. With the most significant change coming in nearly all GCSEs outside of English and mathematics we are making sure that collectively and individually we have accurate data to share with the media, the public and other stakeholders who are as keen as we are to celebrate the successes of our children and to congratulate all of our school staff.”

Chair of Governors, Willie Slavin, commented, “It is always pleasing to witness the success of young people who have been rewarded for their hard work over a number of years. For all the reasons listed by Mr Smith this year’s cohort of students and their teachers have demonstrated that the resilience and determination to succeed, built up over a number of years, has paid dividends. I pass on my congratulations and best wishes to all of them and their families who have supported them.”

Spectacular results were achieved by many including:


Sofia Savastano                  7 x Grade 9 / 2 x Grade 8 / 1 x Grade 7 / 1 x A*

Daniel Tripp                            6 x Grade 9 / 3 x Grade 8 / 1 x Grade 7 / 1 x A

Matthew Shields                     2 x Grade 9 / 4 x Grade 8 / 3 x Grade 7

Louie Lithgow                         2 x Grade 9 / 2 x Grade 8 / 2 x Grade 7

Morgan McGrady                    1 x Grade 9 / 5 x Grade 8 / 3 x Grade 7 / 1 x A

Alex McCumiskey                   1 x Grade 9 / 2 x Grade 8 / 7 x Grade 7

Alex Tan                                 1 x Grade 9 / 3 x Grade 8 / 2 x Grade 7

Izabella Sloan                         6 x Grade 8 / 3 x Grade 7 / 1 x Distinction *

Hannah Wrigley                       5 x Grade 8 / 4 x Grade 7


Alex Tan who was pleased with his results

Daniel Tripp, who was one of our highest achievers.

Hannah Wrigley reading her results

High performing Science students – Kathleen Sullivan, Megan Arins, Daniel Tripp and Joe Ridley.

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