Talented mathematicians from St Benedict’s Catholic High School have earned their GCSE’s in Maths early and will tonight receive their certificates to celebrate their success.

The Year 7 & 8 students will be honoured alongside fellow Year 11 GSCE students who will be receiving special recognition at a school awards ceremony being held at Whitehaven Golf Club on Thursday 10th November.

The younger students stayed behind after school every Wednesday last year to have fun with numbers.  Over the year the students also entered different competitions and challenges, and the finale to the year was to be entered for the GCSE Maths examination with the Year 11 students.

They were absolutely delighted to turn up on the GCSE results day in the summer to find that every single one of them had achieve a C grade in Maths.

One student said:

“It is really enjoyable and helps us to develop new skills in a fun way.  Now we have become better mathematicians and have loved the extra learning.”

This has encouraged the students to aim even higher towards their GCSE courses and they aspire to achieve a Level 8 or 9 (an A* grade) when they take the examination again in Year 11.

Mrs Warneford, Maths teacher, said:

“I couldn’t be more proud of every single one of the students.  It is such a joy to watch the younger generation having fun in maths and showing such potential for their futures.”

The awards ceremony will also showcase the high achieving Year 11 students who received their GCSEs in the summer. Awards handed out cover Academic Excellence; Outstanding Progress and Outstanding Effort & Achievement in all subjects, with special guests and presenters in attendance, as well as parents and families of the pupils.

Ian Smith, Headteacher at St Benedict’s comments:

“The evening is a culmination of the students’ hard work, dedication and commitment to their success and also a celebration of the support given by parents, carers, teachers and associate staff.

We hope that as well as rewarding students past and present, it will leave them with fond and lasting memories of St Benedict’s Catholic High School.”

jamie-reed-and-wife-with-son mrs-lee-with-some-of-her-year-11-award-winners

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