General RE Day for Sixth Form

Sixth Formers have this month taken part in another one of their termly General RE Days.  The theme was World Religions and Ethical Issues.

This involved looking at different ethical situations and how different beliefs respond to those situations.

There was three sessions running in the morning, and across the groups’ students looked at:

  • The Question of Health or Wealth?
  • Moral Dilemmas
  • What does it mean to be a human? Where do we place our value?

In the afternoon the students took part in justice simulation to consider the impact globalisation has on the world and how we should respond to those in need.

They played a trade game and were divided in to countries and had to trade. Some students were rich countries and some were poorer countries and they were treated differently by the game leaders depending on their economic status.

The students really enjoyed this exercise and were thoroughly engaged with the concept, which made for a lively afternoon!


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