Finance Week Returns to St Benedict’s

Finance Week returned to St Benedict’s last week, following on from it’s successful first run back in 2019.

Throughout the week long event, Maths lessons were finance focused, tutor time involved finance discussions and local organisations such as The Credit Union and The Citizen’s Advice Bureau, The Cumberland Building Society and The North Lakes Food Bank ran specialist finance sessions for a number of students.

Miss Hunter, Maths Teacher at the school organised the event. She said:

“It is important that we educate our students around financial issues in order to equip them with the correct tools for when they leave school. These sessions are designed to give them an insight into managing their finances and budgeting when they leave home.”  

Delegates from The Cumberland Building Society visited school, and delivered workshops on various topics including ‘How to run a Car’ and ‘Personal Finance’ to Year 12 & Year 13 students.

The North Lakes Foodbank delivered a budgeting session to Year 9 students during the week.

Students learnt about the importance of budgeting, what the foodbank does and they had to choose a weekly shop for £23. They also had the opportunity to taste test branded vs unbranded foods.

This aimed to make students aware of the savings you could make when you compared everyday supermarket products.

The Credit Union and The Citizen’s Advice Bureau Copeland also delivered a session about Dream Jobs to Year 9 students.

Students had to choose their dream job and calculate their net salary per month, they then had to choose a place to live and calculate all the living costs and work out their monthly budgets.

Miss Hunter and the Maths Department are now planning the same event again for next year.

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