Engineering Open House Day

Sellafield Ltd would like to make our students aware of an opportunity to take part in a collaborative Sellafield Ltd Supply Chain IET Engineering Open House Day, taking part from July 22nd to 26th 2019.

The Engineering Open House Day is a national Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) event that sees organisations give young people and their parents an insight into what it’s like being an engineer.

Sellafield Ltd are looking to run the event on the week commencing July 22nd, and would be delighted if your Year 7-9 students would be interested in taking part in our event.

The ½ day sessions would involve providing talks, demonstrations and activities at various different companies located around the area.

As we all know, engineering careers can be creative, exciting, challenging and rewarding. This opportunity will allow for children to realise the fantastic breadth of engineering careers on offer. The aim of the Engineering Open House Day is to encourage children to take interest in science and engineering, subjects they may not have previously considered.

If you are interested in attending please either see your Tutor or Mrs Kelso.

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